LISTSERV 16.5 Help

LISTSERV 16.5 Help

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Help for LISTSERV Archives

The List Archive page displays the archives for a list. Depending on how the list archive was set up, you can access the archives by week, month, or year.

This page also offers you several other options:

  • Log In/Log Out: Click to log in or log out of LISTSERV.
  • Get Password/Change Password: Click to get a LISTSERV password or to change an existing password.
  • Search Archives: Click to open the Archive Search page.
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe: Click to open the Subscribe or Unsubscribe page.
  • Post New Message: Click to compose and post a message to the list.
  • Newsletter Templates: Click to create and send a newsletter using the template library.
  • Preferences: Click to open the Preferences page.

LISTSERV is L-Soft's industry-standard email list management software, originally developed by Eric Thomas in 1986. See the LISTSERV Manuals for complete documentation.

LISTSERV® is a registered trademark. The trademark identifies LISTSERV® as a brand of email list management software developed by L-Soft.