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Dear Researchers/Authors,
You are invited to submit your high-quality research findings to the
Special Session 11: "Sensing and Data Platforms: what is ahead of us" of
the 2024 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and
Forestry (MetroAgriFor).

October 29-31, 2024 - Padua, Italy


Aims and Scope
The role of sensing, including in-situ, proximity and remote, is increasingly crucial for agriculture and forestry.
Huge investments have been made in this field - consider for instance satellite constellations for remote sensing, the thriving UAV sector, and the dawning sector of terrestrial rovers - and benefits are evident in several application areas.
The other side of the coin is represented by the data platforms used to collect, store, and process the huge amount of data coming from sensing platforms.
Such data platforms should, among others, provide interoperable data through open interfaces (APIs) to different classes of users, but such functionality has not yet reached its full potential.

In Europe, there have been several recent initiatives focused on enhancing data sharing and processing.
One key effort is the European Strategy for Data, which introduces the concept of a Common European Data Space and includes actions to deploy Agriculture and Green Deal sectorial data spaces.
Additionally, the Horizon Europe framework is providing funding for the establishment of European Partnerships that bring together the European Commission with private and/or public partners to address pressing challenges through collaborative research and innovation projects.
One such partnership, the European Partnership for Agriculture of Data, aims to support sustainable agriculture in the EU and improve policy monitoring and implementation by leveraging digital and data technologies for environmental observation.

The goal of this special session is to investigate the potential and the challenges of both sensing and data platforms, looking to future developments, and also considering economic and legal aspects to be carefully taken into consideration.

Contributions are expected to contribute to, but are not limited to, the following topics:

- sensing systems, both local and remote, and recent developments;
- state of the art of data platforms linked to sensing systems, standards, interoperability enablers, and sustainability of their business model;
- GEOSS Data Sharing and Management Principles, FAIR principles, and other interoperable solutions with the potential to further push the use of sensing data;
- economic and legal aspects that can fuel or limit the use of such systems.

Important dates
- Extended Abstract Submission: June 10, 2024
- Extended Abstract Notification: September 1, 2024
- Final Paper Submission: September 20, 2024

Submission Instruction
Authors should prepare an Extended Abstract (4-5 pages) that clearly
indicates the originality of the contribution and the relevance of the
work. The Extended Abstract should include the title of the paper, names
and affiliations of the authors, an abstract, keywords, an introduction
describing the nature of the problem and the state of the art in the field
of interest, a description of the contribution, the results achieved and
their applicability, conclusions, and references.
When the review process has been completed, authors receive a notification
of either acceptance or rejection of the submission. If the paper has been
accepted, the authors can prepare a final paper that incorporates the
reviewers' suggestions.
The format for the final paper is identical to the format for the extended
abstract except for the number of pages: the full paper has a required
minimum length of five (5) pages and a maximum of six (6) pages.

Special Session Organizers
- Manlio Bacco
Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI), CNR, Italy
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- Federico Coro'
University of Perugia, Italy
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- Paolo Mazzetti
Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research - National Research Council, Italy
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- Lorenzo Palazzetti
University of Perugia, Italy
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- Cristina Domingo-Marimon
CREAF, Spain
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- Margherita Di Leo
Arcadia SIT
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Thank you for your consideration.