I vote for May 22-24, but would attend either.







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Subject: Date(s) for next NC1186 Annual Mtg in New Jersey - please reply with your choice.


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Hi all,


I hope everyone is doing well, and those of you teaching to have a needed rest on the upcoming Spring Break (next week for me, to be used on a project on spice crops in Jamaica).


We are having our next NC1186 annual meeting in (central south) New Jersey in one of the two last weeks of May 2024. The proposed dates are:


___ May 22-24 (with business mtg on May 23, this being available on Zoom), or

___ May 29-31 (with business mtg on May 30, this being available on Zoom).


The reason for these options is that they are right after the end the Spring semester (for those teaching), and just before many might go on summer vacations. Please let me know your choice 1pm (EST) of Friday March 8.



By next Friday I will also send a separate query to the group about your ideas/input on the main objectives of NC1186, as we need to start working on the project’s renewal soon (with a first deadline on the proposal by September 15, albeit it is suggested to notification of our intent to renew earlier this summer). We need first to identify the new/continuing main objectives, and then break into discrete groups (with a lead person) to work on the narrative (background and proposed activities) of each objective. I’ll then (with the help of a couple more people) integrate those into a main draft to be distributed later for general review/edits/comments.


Best regards,




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