´╗┐The Ubiquitous Internet Research Unit of IIT-CNR (Pisa, Italy) is scouting for talented candidates for the 
following PhD and post-doc areas:

* Human-centric Artificial Intelligence [4 topics]
* Future Internet & beyond-5G [5 topics]
* Quantum Internet [1 topic]
* 6G vehicula networks [1 topic]
* Digital health [1 topic]

Complete information about research areas, associated topics, reference contact points are provided at

Expressions of interest will be continuously considered upon reception.
The very final date for sending EoIs is 12th April 2023, but topics may be closed earlier,
depending on the received EoIs.
Interested people are strongly encouraged to send expressions of interest as soon as possible. 

Details on the procedure are available here
PhD and PostDocs will be carried out in the framework of one of the following European and National Projects. 
This will allow ample opportunities for international collaboration:
* AI and BigData: H2020 HumanAI-Net, SoBigData++, CHIST-ERA SAI (Social Explainable AI)
* Edge computing & decentralised AI: HE RE4DY, H2020 MARVEL
* BigData, AI & Next-Generation Internet Infrastructures: ESFRI-SLICES, ESFRI SoBigData, HEU SLICES-PP,
  HEU SoBigData-PPP, H2020 SLICES-DS, SLICES-SC, SoBigData++
* Quantum Computing & Networking: H2020 HPCQS, PON-MIUR QUANCOM
* PNRR projects: FAIR (topic: foundations of AI), (topic: BigData analytics and beyond
  5G pervasive networks), MOST (topic: sustainable mobility), RESTART (topic: beyond 5G/6G networks),
  NQSTI (topic: quantum Internet), ICSC (topic: BigData analytics and quantum computing),
  THE (topic: Digital health solutions), SERICS (topic: Misinformation and Fakes)

Research Group: Ubiquitous Internet @ IIT-CNR
General contact: Andrea Passarella <[log in to unmask]>
Specific contacts: see topics description at