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The Assessment Steering Committee is dedicated to the professional development of assessment professionals across the university. In this spirit, we would like to get a pulse on where each of us are in our assessment journey to develop workshops and other pieces of training to best suit the needs of the community. Colleagues at James Madison University, Dr. Jeanne Horst and Caroline Prendergast, have developed an Assessment Skills Framework Survey that will be used to gather your self-assessment of skills (for more on the development of this survey and Assessment Professional Development Competencies, see this article).


The purpose of this activity is to explore your own and the institution's professional development needs. Each of the items list assessment skills on which you can rate yourself as Novice (first option), Intermediate (second option), Advanced (third option), or "I do not possess these skills" (last option). There are no right or wrong answers, and not every assessment professional is expected to have all skills. Note, also, that you may have some of the skills in the descriptions, but not all of them. Do your best to describe your skills, choosing the best-fitting description of the four provided. 


Please take a few moments (~10 minutes) to complete this important survey by October 13th. We look forward to reviewing the results and building opportunities to best serve your needs!


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