Subject: NA Digest, V. 21, # 26

NA Digest  Monday, July 12, 2021  Volume 21 : Issue 26

Today's Editor:

        Daniel M. Dunlavy
        Sandia National Labs
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Today's Topics:

        Quantum Software, USA, Nov 2021
        Assistant Professor Position, CSE, Georgia Tech
        Postdoc Position, Institute of Mathematics CAS, Czech Republic
        Postdoc Position, Numerical Analysis, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ
        Postdoc Position, Numerical Computing, Loughborough Univ
        Postdoc Position, Viscoelastic Flows, NJIT
        PhD/Postdoc Positions, High Performance Computing, Germany
        PhD Position, NA of Geophysical Models, Univ of Exeter
        PhD Positions, Univ of Insubria (Varese-Como), Italy
        PraeDoc Position, Visualization and Data Analysis, Univ of Vienna

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Submissions for NA Digest:


From: Anders Petersson [log in to unmask]
Date: July 12, 2021
Subject: Quantum Software, USA, Nov 2021

The International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software is an
official workshop of SC21 scheduled Monday, 15 November, 2021 from 9am
5:30 pm CST.  This is the second year the workshop is offered through
Supercomputing (SC).

Quantum computing is emerging as a remarkable technology that promises
to achieve major scientific breakthroughs. This includes solving
complex problems whose solution lies well beyond contemporary and even
future supercomputers based on conventional technologies. Interacting
with these quantum computers, including noisy-intermediate scale
quantum devices, for both basic and applied research will require a
unique collection of software tools and techniques.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore the innovative software
needed to make quantum computing practical and accessible. The
workshop will focus heavily on the tools and software for quantum
computing with particular emphasis on realized implementations.

Important Dates:
Paper-Submission Deadline: Friday, August 27, 2021
Author Notification: Friday, October 8, 2021
Workshop: Monday, November 15, 2021

For further information, please see


From: Edmond Chow [log in to unmask]
Date: July 11, 2021
Subject: Assistant Professor Position, CSE, Georgia Tech

The School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) at the
Georgia Institute of Technology invites applications for the Edenfield
Early Career Professorship at the Assistant Professor level
(tenure-track).  CSE focuses on foundational research of an
interdisciplinary nature that enables advances in science,
engineering, medical, and social domains. Applicants are expected to
develop and sustain a research program in one or more of our core
areas: high-performance computing, scientific and numerical computing,
modeling and simulation, discrete algorithms, and large-scale data
analytics (including machine learning and artificial intelligence).

All areas of research will be considered, especially: scientific
artificial intelligence (AI methods unique to scientific computing),
urban computing (enabling effective design and operation of cities and
urban communities), application-driven post-Moore's law computing, and
data science for fighting disease. Applicants must have an outstanding
record of research and a commitment to teaching.

Applicants are expected to engage in substantive research with
collaborators in other disciplines. For example, current faculty have
domain expertise and/or collaborations in computational chemistry;
earth sciences; biomedical and health sciences; urban systems and
smart cities; social good and sustainable development; materials and
manufacturing; and others.

Applications should be submitted online through:

For full consideration, applications are due by September 15, 2021.


From: Tomas Vejchodsky [log in to unmask]
Date: July 08, 2021
Subject: Postdoc Position, Institute of Mathematics CAS, Czech Republic

We invite young researchers from all fields of mathematics to join one
of the research teams in the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech
Academy of Sciences in Prague or Brno ( It is
a two-year full-time postdoc position.  Specialists in numerical
analysis are especially welcome. Applicants must either have completed
their PhD after October 1, 2019 (justified exceptions apply), or if
they have not obtained their PhD yet, produce evidence that they will
defend their thesis before October 1, 2021.

The successful applicant will perform mathematical research within one
of the departments of the Institute. He or she will also participate
in other activities such as organization and active participation at
seminars, workshops, and conferences. No teaching is involved. We
require verbal and written English communication skills and abilities
to work both independently and collaboratively. We offer affordable
accommodation in the building of the Institute for the first 3-6
months. See the attached announcement for more details.

For further details and application form, see


From: Buyang Li [log in to unmask]
Date: July 07, 2021
Subject: Postdoc Position, Numerical Analysis, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ

Applications are invited for a two-year postdoctoral fellow position
in Numerical Analysis of PDEs, at Department of Applied Mathematics,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The supervisor of the
postdoctoral fellow will be Dr. Buyang Li. Candidates with research
experience in numerical analysis, PDEs, inverse problems, differential
geometry, machine learning, are all welcome to apply. Renewal for the
third year is also possible.

Application procedure: Please send your CV (with a list of publication
and reference names) to Dr. Buyang Li via the E-mail address:
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From: Marco Discacciati [log in to unmask]
Date: July 09, 2021
Subject: Postdoc Position, Numerical Computing, Loughborough Univ

A postdoctoral research associate position is available in the
Department of Mathematical Sciences of Loughborough University. The
position is funded by the EPSRC (project EP/V027603/1) to develop a
novel computational framework that combines domain decomposition and
proper generalised decomposition to support virtual design.

For details and application please see

For informal enquiries, please contact Dr Marco Discacciati at
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From: Shahriar Afkhami [log in to unmask]
Date: July 09, 2021
Subject: Postdoc Position, Viscoelastic Flows, NJIT

A short-term postdoc position is available at the New Jersey Institute
of Technology Department of Mathematical Science to conduct a
numerical study of two-phase viscoelastic flows using an in-house
volume-of-fluid code. The ability to program in C is desired. Given
the short-term nature of the appointment, US residency is highly
preferred. Prior experience in multiphase flow simulations (preferably
viscoelastic flows) is expected. Interested candidates are encouraged
to contact [log in to unmask] If the external grant proposals
are funded, the position may be extended beyond 6 months, but it is
not guaranteed. The start date is flexible.


From: Philipp Neumann [log in to unmask]
Date: July 08, 2021
Subject: PhD/Postdoc Positions, High Performance Computing, Germany

Positions at salary grade TVoD E13 (PhD/Postdoc) are available, funded
until 31.12.2024, at the chair for high performance computing,
Helmut-Schmidt-Universitat Hamburg. Research directions are given
across the wide range of topics (multiscale flow simulations;
molecular dynamics; machine learning; exploration of computational
techniques on novel HPC hardware; performance engineering; etc.).

Information on the research group and corresponding projects can be
found at:

For inquiries on the positions, please contact Philipp Neumann:
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From: Dr Jemma Shipton [log in to unmask]
Date: July 12, 2021
Subject: PhD Position, NA of Geophysical Models, Univ of Exeter

Applications are open for a 4yr funded PhD project at the University
of Exeter. Numerical analysis of compatible finite element schemes for
rotating stratified flows.  This EPSRC project will involve a
combination of numerical analysis and fluid dynamics to design and
analyse a next-to-lowest order compatible finite element model for the
3D compressible Euler equations in spherical geometry using the
Firedrake finite element library.  The use of the Firedrake library
greatly simplifies the implementation of finite element algorithms,
allowing flexible and rapid investigation of a range of ideas.

The types of challenges that could be explored in this project
include: 1) Design and analysis of efficient, scalable solvers for the
Helmholtz equation that arises in the computation of the pressure
field.  2) Design and analysis of conservative and, where necessary,
positivity- preserving advection schemes.  The challenge here is that
different fields live in different finite element function spaces,
which require different strategies to achieve stability and
conservation 3) Development and investigation of innovative
timestepping algorithms for the full nonlinear system.  This could
involve numerical analysis of operator splitting methods or
predictor-corrector type schemes that achieve efficiency through
time-parallelism 4) Design and analyse robust algorithms that can be
applied to deformed grids, such as vertically stretched grids, as used
in the Met Office Unified Model, and the terrain following grids
required when orography is introduced.  The convergence of the
algorithm depends on the regularity of the mapping from the domain to
the reference element.  The finite element function spaces required in
this project have a tensor product structure which separates the
horizontal and vertical discretisations and this will pose a challenge
for designing algorithms that are robust when combined with the
smoothing operators commonly applied to terrain following grids.

Please find further details regarding funding, eligibility and the
application procedure here:


From: Marco Donatelli [log in to unmask]
Date: July 07, 2021
Subject: PhD Positions, Univ of Insubria (Varese-Como), Italy

Outstanding students are sought for 7 Ph.D. fellowships in "Computer
Science and Computational Mathematics" at the Department of Science
and high Technology, University of INSUBRIA Varese-Como, Italy.  The
call for the application is available at the website

The application deadline is 5th August 2021.

The applicants will be interviewed in the first half of September

The successful candidates will work in a multidisciplinary
environment, developing skills in Computer Science and Scientific
Computing. During the 3 years of the Ph.D. program, the students will
attend 4 courses with final exam, and summer schools. The students
will carry out original research in Computational Mathematics and the
results of their work will be reported in their Phd thesis.

For further information the applicants may contact the deputy
coordinator Prof. Marco Donatelli ([log in to unmask])


From: Michaela Hubweber [log in to unmask]
Date: July 12, 2021
Subject: PraeDoc Position, Visualization and Data Analysis, Univ of Vienna

The research group Visualization and Data Analysis (Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Torsten Moller, Dr. Laura Koesten) at the Faculty of Computer Sciences
invites applications for the position of a research assistant aiming
at a PhD degree. We seek a highly motivated PhD researcher with a
background in computer science or a related field.  We expect a high
motivation to learn and engage with real world data, people and
problems in an interdisciplinary setting. The successful applicant has
the opportunity to propose their own project idea or to work in
collaboration with the project "Transparent and explainable models",
funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF).

For more information on this job opportunity, please visit:
C8E81498-EB3E-24FC-4E94- 20C61DA8C9A4&tid=86691.28

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