One electrical Switching Power Outage (SPO) (See definition below) has been scheduled for the following buildings (see Building list below). The outage will be as follows:

Switching Power Outage 
The SPO will start Tuesday August 3rd   at  6:00 am and continue for 30 minutes (1/2  hour)  ending on Tuesday August 3rd  at 6:30 am. 

The reason for the SPO outage is carry out load management on the 13.2KV distribution system.   

Definition:   A Switching Power Outage (SPO)  is described as any schedule power event less than 30 minutes(1/2 Hour).

This SPO consists of operating a 13.2KV distribution circuit breaker and turning power off to the complete or partial  13.2KV  UT circuit.
 Questions concerning this outage may be directed to Cesar Peņalba at 974-7769 [log in to unmask]

Buildings List  for Circuit LA3

Alumni Memorial Building            
Zeanah Engineering Complex      
Perkins Hall         
Dougherty Engineering Building 
Ferris Hall            
John D. Tickle Engineering Building           
Austin Peay Building        
Burchfiel Geography Building      
Hesler Biology Building and Greenhouse 
Nielsen Physics Building 
Nuclear Engineering Building       
Walters Academic Building           

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