Dear Colleagues,


The Assessment Steering Committee would like to remind you that the 2019-2020 programmatic assessment reports are due on Tuesday, September 15thPlease note that the September 15th deadline is firm. Because of the university's revamped meta-assessment process, review of programmatic reports will begin immediately after the deadline has passed. The reports in the system on September 16th will be what are reviewed.

As always though, there is assistance available in completing reports! Some of the below information is similar to previous messages you’ve received, but some new resources have also been added, so please read the information in its entirety.

 To begin, here is a list of items to double-check as information is being entered:

1) Ensure that Content areas are completed for all outcomes. These areas consist of Term Data Collected, Next Scheduled Assessment Analysis Term/Year, Progress (e.g. Ready for Review), Program Level, and Responsible User(s)/Assessment Team Members. 

2) Include any supporting documentation (e.g. rubrics, exam questions, survey questions, etc.) for methods used to gather data. 

3) If COVID-19 interrupted data collection efforts, explain clearly in Results and Analysis section (e.g. “Data collection was not possible in the Spring 2020 semester due to interruptions related to COVID-19"). Additionally, utilize data that is available (i.e. from Fall and/or Summer terms). 

4) Fully analyze data. This can include sub-scores, item analysis, etc.

5) Compare results to those of previous years (where applicable) in order to highlight trends over time. 

6) Document program improvement, where possible. In other words, what changes has the program made that resulted in improvement in student learning? This should be in addition to any proposed changes based on current data.

Secondly, here are three resources to consult for report-related questions:

1) The UT Assessment Guide, among other topics, features step-by-step instructions on entering information into the Planning Module:
2) A recently launched Canvas training site features material from the Assessment Guide in video form. Specifically, Module 7 addresses accessing and working within the Planning Module. If interested in viewing this material, please follow the instructions listed for the second item under “UT Assessment Resources” on this page:
3) The Assessment Steering Committee will be hosting virtual help sessions on September 9th and 10th from 1-4. No need to stay for 3 hours; participants can drop in when it’s convenient for them, have their questions answered, and leave. Zoom links for both days are below:


Wednesday, September 9th: 

Thursday, September 10th: 


We recommend using the Assessment Guide and/or Canvas videos to address general Planning Module questions. For more specific questions, the help sessions would be most beneficial.


Thirdly, if none of the above options work for you, Ashley Browning, Compliance System Coordinator ([log in to unmask]), can answer questions regarding where to enter information within the Planning Module and troubleshoot any issues in accessing the system. Additionally, Ashley Charsha, Assessment Analyst ([log in to unmask]) is available to answer any questions about finalizing the report, including how to address further COVID-related questions. She can also look over completed reports to determine if there is any missing information. 


Please note, however, that with the report deadline drawing closer, both Ashleys anticipate a dramatic increase in requests. They will respond to messages ASAP, but appreciate your patience as they attend to requests in the order in which they are received.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank you for all the hard work you have placed into writing the assessment reports, especially in light of COVID-related upheavals. It is our hope that the information contained in this message makes the report submission process much easier!