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If you work on amphibians, please see the message below from Lola Brooks, a
PhD Candidate in the UK who is studying the refinement and replacement of
non-model amphibians in research.

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As a PhD candidate at the Institute of Zoology and Royal Veterinary college
(UK), I am working on an NC3R's funded project  to assess how we can better
 the application of reduction, refinement and replacement to the non-model
amphibians disease work that is currently undertaken.
In order to refine our work, I am keen to understand how we can record pain
and suffering in some of the amphibians we work with when investigating the
effects of diseases caused by chytrid fungus and ranavirus. I have designed
a survey to understand which indicators of pain and suffering are currently
used by those who work with amphibians and gain the prospectus of anyone who
catches, handles and even just observes them, in order to help assess how
recordable and measurable these indicators and behavioural signs are. Given
the huge diversity of amphibians I am keen to encourage participation from a
global audience and a broad range of people who work, or have worked with
The survey is in English, but I have had it translated into Portuguese and
Spanish and each participant only needs to complete it once. I would be very
grateful if it could be shared with others who work with amphibians too.
Your participation is very much appreciated and please feel free to contact
me directly if you have any question [log in to unmask] 
Many thanks and kind regards,

Lola Brookes
PhD Candidate
Institute of Zoology/ Royal Veterinary College
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