Freight Transportation Stakeholders:

The Office of Operations in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is currently recruiting applicants for the position of Team Leader, Program Delivery Team in the Office of Freight Management and Operations.  This GS-15 position is open to all sources (within and external to FHWA) through February 11, 2019.  Please see the following announcements and information to apply for the position:

The Office is responsible for various aspects of freight transportation policy and programs including federal-aid discretionary and formula funding; freight professional development; regulatory implementation and oversight of state freight planning; and research.  The ideal candidate for this position is a senior-level individual with extensive experience promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of freight transportation.  Responsibilities of the position include:

     *   Plan, manage, and direct a comprehensive program to address national freight policy goals, administer freight infrastructure improvement programs, guide development and implementation of the FHWA's Freight Professional Development Program, and undertake various technical, research, coalition, outreach and marketing activities.
     *   Manage a diverse, multidisciplinary staff, providing overall staff direction and management, development and allocation of resources, and personnel development.
     *   Develop the Program Delivery Team work plan, strategies, and overall management of resources to accomplish unit goals and objectives.
     *   Represent the FHWA and the U.S. Government in a variety of national and international venues, involving both public and private sector.

For more information, contact Caitlin Hughes, Director, Office of Freight Management and Operations.

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