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Subject: Re: Sad news for our AL program students


Dear Dr. Sun,

Thank you so much for sharing the news about the passing of Dr. Misawa’s father with all of us. Such a loss is always painful and difficult no matter how prepared we are.

I appreciate you very much and I also appreciate the time and consideration that you took in composing such a caring and supportive email message about this situation.

I also remember your mother’s passing over a year ago and what a sad time that was.

My support is with the faculty members and peers.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.


Kathy Jenkins



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Subject: Sad news for our AL program students


Dear AL students,


I am writing to tell you that Mitsu’s father passed away over the weekend. My heart goes out to him for the loss.


As many of you know, Mitsu’s father had been ill and Mitsu traveled to Japan last summer to see him. He has now gone back to Japan for a couple of weeks to take care of the funeral and estate. He plans to return on late Jan.  I always think that no matter how well we think we are prepared for a loss like this, it still always hurts greatly.


Mitsu asked me to share the sadness with our students. I understand this will be very hard time for Mitsu or anyone who have experienced such sadness. My mom passed away a little over a year ago and I still have hard time to accept it and become emotional often…


I offered that any of our faculty members here will be glad to help him with arrangements for his/our students and other work here.


Should you want to get in touch with him before he is back, Mitsu noted that email may be the best way to get in touch with him while he is away.


I look forward to his return and to any support that we may offer during the difficult time to come.


Have a great day!  

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