Good afternoon all,

The contractor has revised the sequencing of their work moving forward. See attached.

They are going to leave the pedestrian crossing in place coming across Volunteer Blvd. at Melrose, including the access to SMC Level M and the north end of Haslam Business.  If someone in a wheelchair is coming from the west side of campus, this will leave an accessible route into SMC and then on to other points (Student Union, Haslam Business Level 2), by taking elevators from the Mezzanine level down to the Plaza level of SMC.  For those able bodied, there is a direct route into Haslam Business Building via steps.  The accessible route into Haslam Business is still intact on the south end (mall side) of the building.

The Volunteer Blvd. entry of the Haslam Business Building will be closed for normal entry/exit and will be an emergency exit only for the next few weeks.  We will post signage inside of the building indicating such.  The contractor has made the demo and reconstruction of the east side of Volunteer Blvd. between the Andy Holt Mall and Melrose Ave. a priority.  This is so that we can restore a pedestrian route as close to the mall crossing as possible.  We did this same operation south of the mall crossing at Claxton Education.  This route is already back in place.  The  new pedestrian cross walk across Volunteer Blvd. at Melrose will be just to the south of the current one.  As soon as this is built and the sidewalk restored, we will be able to reopen the pedestrian routes to the Volunteer door of Haslam.  The route to SMC Level M will be maintained throughout the remainder of the project.

In the event of an emergency, pedestrians can exit Haslam Business Building toward Volunteer (including those in a wheelchair), but they will have to cross the grass to the north or south as part of the evacuation route.

We hope this corrects the recent issues and thank you for your ongoing patience.

Bethany Morris


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