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Dear Colleagues,


If you require citing a reference related to the taxonomy of iridoviruses, or more specifically ranaviruses, the “proper” choice is:



C  Chinchar, VG, Hick, P, Ince IA, Jancovich JK, Marschang R, Qin Q, Subramaniam K, Waltzek TB, Whittington R, Williams T, Zhang QY, and the ICTV Report Consortium. ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: IridoviridaeJ. Gen. Virol. 98: 890 – 891, 2017.  This two page report is a summary of the Iridoviridae chapter within the current ICTV Report (the 10th) and is available at  The full report is available online at the above address, but the JGV article provides a reference that can be cited.  Clearly, there are additional references addressing the biology, ecology, pathology of iridoviruses…but this one address their taxonomy. 


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