National Coalition on Truck Parking Annual Meeting

Web conference

Thursday, October 19, 2017

1:30-3:30 PM Eastern

USDOT will be hosting a web conference as part of the National Coalition on Truck Parking to discuss the implementation of truck parking initiatives. The objectives of the upcoming Coalition web conference are to discuss identification of top priorities, solicit working groups champions, and highlight a few best practices in truck parking initiatives already underway.

The agenda includes a review of the recently published National Coalition on Truck Parking Activity Report, 2015-2016. This report identifies strategies for implementation at the national, State, regional, and local level, as well as for cooperation between the public and private sector, on subjects including:


This web conference is open to all. Please register by October 14th by visiting:

The National Coalition on Truck Parking brings together stakeholders from the public sector, transportation organizations, the freight industry, and other groups to advance safe truck parking, in order to:

·         Collaborate nationally and among regions to identify opportunities and solutions for truck parking needs;

·         Share information on data and new analyses developed by stakeholders to understand needs and trends in truck parking;

·         Encourage partnerships among stakeholders to implement solutions, and;

·         Identify opportunities to use existing and new programs to support truck parking implementation.


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