Mary, best wishes with retirement and with your post-retirement plan! Hopefully you’ll be able to concentrate on what you love, whether that be plants or accreditation. You’ve been most helpful to me in guiding me through SACS and the SACS software. I can’t say that I love accreditation the way you do but at least you’ve helped make it somewhat tolerable.


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Dear Colleagues –
I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you and those who came before you for all the good work you do on behalf of assessing student learning outcomes. As you can see by my signature line, I am no longer engaged with the Office of Accreditation. As of August 31, I retired from the University of Tennessee after 21 years and after a 37 year career in higher education (I’m now on a post-retirement contract). No one could have convinced me when I was earning my doctorate in horticulture I would end my career as the accreditation guru for a major land-grant, research intensive university. I loved plants and wanted to learn all I could about them. Who knew!
With retirement there are changes for the individual and for those left behind who continue the good work. Here’s the contact information for all things related to assessment to use from this point forward:
·         If you have a question regarding anything related to institutional or programmatic accreditation, please contact Dr. Heather Hartman, [log in to unmask], 4-3635.
·         If you have questions about assessment, please contact the Teaching and Learning Center, [log in to unmask], 865-974-3807.
·         For assistance with Assessment Management System (Planning), please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, [log in to unmask], 865-974-1428.
Mary Lewnes Albrecht, PhD
Consultant, Graduate School
111 Student Services Building
Knoxville, TN 37996
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