As described in the announcement for the Talking Freight seminars that were held last week, there is a new registration process for Talking Freight. As part of this process, non-USDOT employees must have an FHWA external collaboration account to register. If you do not already have an account please visit https://collaboration.fhwa.dot.gov/FBA/Register.aspx   to request one.


Once you have an FHWA external collaboration account you will be able to register for all Talking Freight seminars. It is recommended that if you do not already have an account you visit the link above and request one as soon as possible so that you are able to register as soon as the October seminar is announced.


I have attached more detailed instructions with screenshots to help you navigate through the account request process.


If you have any difficulty obtaining an external collaboration account, please submit a help ticket at https://collaboration.fhwa.dot.gov/support/Pages/Support-Requests-Home.aspx.




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