Dear Colleagues –


Based on the past two years’ reviews of annual assessment reports, the Assessment Steering Committee has prepared two new resource guides intended to help you improve your reporting.


·         Top Ten Tips for Improving Your Assessment Report – each year we run an audit of the reports to see where we are. This guide provides the top ten things you can do to up your game in reporting your assessment work.

·         Extended Cycle: The Why’s and How – we provide an explanation under what circumstances the Extended Cycle should be selected, and how to reflect this within your annual outcomes assessment report. With upgrades to the assessment management system, you may now select a multi-year cycle that will make it clear which outcomes will be assessed in what cycle for your program. This will enhance your reporting and help make things clearer to reviewers.


Both are available on the Resources page of We have also made some updates to other documents on the Resources page, mostly revised screen captures or other minor tweaks to represent updates to the assessment management system.


We do hope these new resources will be useful to you as you do your work on assessing student learning at UT.





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