Hello everyone, 

Thanks for all the information you sent last time, as you see it paid off. I tried to use as much of everyone’s information as possible and still fit the nomination into the 4 page limit. Apologies if your contribution did not get as highlighted as some others but it’s the fault of our very productive group that I had to lump things together and omit some things. That may happen again with this request but I appreciate you taking the time to provide the following. We are now down to a 3 page limit but do need some specific information that will help us rank higher in the point system used to evaluate the nomination.

Can you please provide the following if related to NC1186:

	Private foundation grants (name of foundation, e.g. Horticulture Research Institute, amount funded)

	State grants (e.g. State Departments of Agriculture, SCBG, etc, and amount funded)

	Industry funding and gifts-in-kind (name of business, e.g. Spring Meadow Nursery, and estimated value of goods, land, and/or services)

	Involvement of industry on research and/or extension/outreach projects- name of business and how they participated

	I’m sure everyone collaborates with their state green industry association(s), please provide those you work with

	Do you work with your (or other) state department of agriculture on NC1186 related projects?

	Who listed working with Chungbuk National University? Korea, correct?

Please get this to me ASAP, the next nomination is due the end of this month and we have a lot to do to get it to 3 pages.

Thanks- Tom

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