For what period should we report the activities and other information 
you requested?



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On 5/11/2017 8:45 AM, Tom Fernandez wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Thanks for all the information you sent last time, as you see it paid 
> off. I tried to use as much of everyone’s information as possible and 
> still fit the nomination into the 4 page limit. Apologies if your 
> contribution did not get as highlighted as some others but it’s the 
> fault of our very productive group that I had to lump things together 
> and omit some things. That may happen again with this request but I 
> appreciate you taking the time to provide the following. We are now 
> down to a 3 page limit but do need some specific information that will 
> help us rank higher in the point system used to evaluate the nomination.
> Can you please provide the following if related to NC1186:
> Private foundation grants (name of foundation, e.g. Horticulture 
> Research Institute, amount funded)
> State grants (e.g. State Departments of Agriculture, SCBG, etc, and 
> amount funded)
> Industry funding and gifts-in-kind (name of business, e.g. Spring 
> Meadow Nursery, and estimated value of goods, land, and/or services)
> Involvement of industry on research and/or extension/outreach 
> projects- name of business and how they participated
> I’m sure everyone collaborates with their state green industry 
> association(s), please provide those you work with
> Do you work with your (or other) state department of agriculture on 
> NC1186 related projects?
> Who listed working with Chungbuk National University? Korea, correct?
> Please get this to me ASAP, the next nomination is due the end of this 
> month and we have a lot to do to get it to 3 pages.
> Thanks- Tom
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