Co-located with IEEE International Conference on Advanced and Trusted  
Computing (ATC 2017)

Driverless (autonomous) cars rely heavily on advanced and highly  
dependable computational platforms. While they already hit the road,  
and are generally successful, we’re not fully sure what their  
long-term impact would be. The rapid progress in technology, and the  
fast adoption by large businesses like Google and Uber helped mitigate  
several aspects of their complex universe, but provide little  
knowledge about their future alongside traditional cars. This workshop  
aims to help capture and analyze the intricate dynamics of this new  
technology on several fronts. We discuss the future of autonomous cars  
and if they will eventually replace driver-cars, or will coexist with  
them in a symbiotic relationship.

Topics of workshop:
The maturity of today’s autonomous car technology and its safety and  
The remaining technological challenges (night driving, snow and sleet, etc.)
Mass production of autonomous cars
Autonomous car as a service (Uber, trucking, etc.)
Autonomous car as a robot (AI, Machine Vision, Physical Agents)
Future technologies of driver cars (ADAS…)
Social aspects of future car (driver and driverless)
The future of sports cars, and racecars
Infrastructure readiness and IoT
V2V and V2I protocols and their future roles
Government enforced technologies (vehicle-to- vehicle, vehicle-to-  
infrastructure protocols…)


Workshop papers are limited to 6 pages following the IEEE proceedings  
format (templates
available here:  
), and are to be submitted as PDF via the ATC 2017 submission site:;key=51071207.82LFxGaanmzpnpGn

Paper Submission         - April 10th
Acceptance Notification    - May 10th
Camera-Ready Submission   - June 10th