Dear GRC Members and Others,


The GRC Board would like to remind everyone of the call for proposals to host the 2019 ISR.  The RFP is located here:


We encourage those who are potentially interested in hosting the 2019 ISR to peruse the 2015 ISR website and the GRC ISR Planning Guide to understand the usual structure and activities.


2015 ISR:


ISR Planning Guide:


It is expected the organization that is selected to host the 2019 ISR will send a representative to the 2017 ISR in Budapest and give a brief presentation on the venue and possible activities in 2019.


Proposals to host the 2019 ISR are due Friday, 11 November, by 5:00 Eastern Time (New York) USA


If you have any questions about the call for proposals, please do not hesitate to contact one of the GRC Board Members or send an inquiry to the GRC LISTSERV.





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Dr. Amanda L. J. Duffus, BSc.H. (SSP, Biology), MSc., Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Biology


Secretary/Treasurer of the Global Ranavirus Consortium

Undergraduate Research Symposium - Chair


Department of Biology and Physical Sciences

Gordon State College

University System of Georgia

419 College Drive

Barnesville, GA




Tel: (678) 359 – 5464

Fax: (678) 359 – 5878

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Office: Instructional Complex (IC) 227


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Sedit qui timuit ne non succederet - He who feared that he would not succeed sat still. - Horace