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============================ Call for Papers ==========================
      The 3rd Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures & Platforms

   Collocated with European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys'16) 
                     April 18-21, 2016 - London, UK


CrossCloud is  an  international workshop series that aims to bring to
light  several issues related to cross-cloud systems: cloud federation,
multi-cloud architectures, cross-cloud applications, and hybrid clouds.

CrossCloud aims to attract researchers from  both academia and industry
to share and discuss their recent research and experiences in designing
and  operating   multiple  cloud   systems. Work  in  this area extends
over    various  topics  including  cross-cloud   resource  management,
monitoring,  service   migration,  API  interoperability,  portability,
policy enforcement, benefit–cost analysis, and fault mitigation.


Authors are encouraged, but not limited, to cover the following topics: 

- Cross-cloud  systems:  resource  management  across  multiple  clouds
(e.g., load balancing,  performance  optimization, security and privacy
policy enforcement).

- Containers and Virtual Machine (VM) management across  several  cloud
infrastructures (e.g., VM placement and migration).

- Micro-services:  system  design,   monitoring  and  management  using
 containers and/or microkernels to achieve cloud provider independence.

- Cross-Cloud agility: dynamic  application deployment across  multiple
cloud  platforms,  flexibility  in  moving  between different providers 
and vendors.

- Hybrid cloud infrastructures management: public  and  private clouds,
heterogeneous cloud systems, cloud and cluster/grid systems.

- Cloud-bursting: workload offloading, multi-cloud resource  scheduling

- Cross-cloud  SDKs  and  APIs:  design,   maintenance,   support   and
performance evaluation.

- Application  portability:  priorities,  restrictions,  and    lock-in
mitigation techniques and measures.

- API interoperability:  study  cases  and  experiences  with  data and

- Interoperability  between   managed  services (e.g.,  MapReduce,  DB,
message queues, etc.).

- Decision support systems: efficient  and  open application deployment
and monitoring across different cloud platforms  and  providers,  cloud
brokerage as a means of complexity outsourcing.

- Scalable multi-cloud  monitoring: monitoring  among  different  cloud
environments,  relevant  metrics  at  the different levels of the stack
(e.g., network access), monitoring overhead analysis.

- Experiences:  assembling  and  (re)deploying  in heterogeneous multi-
cloud  environments,  costs  and  benefits  of  cross-cloud  management 
and  deployment,  challenges  in  existing  cross-cloud platforms, case
studies on building or federating multi-cloud systems.

- Cross-Cloud security:  identity    and   access   management   across
infrastructure boundaries, reconciling application security and privacy
requirements across multiple SLAs.


Paper submission: February 8, 2016
Author notification: February 29, 2016
EuroSys Grant application: March 11, 2016
Camera-ready version: March 21, 2016
All deadline times are Anywhere on Earth.


We  solicit  two  types  of  submissions:  (1)  technical  papers  (max
6 double-column pages), and (2) posters (max  2  double-column  pages).
Each  submission  will  receive  at  least 3 single-blind peer reviews.
Authors  of  technical  papers are also encouraged to prepare a  poster
to be displayed in a joint poster session on the workshop day.


Like in  the former  editions  of  the workshop, authors  of  the  best
technical papers will be invited to submit an extended version of their
work to the Springer Open Journal of Internet Services and Applications
thematic series on cross-cloud computing (JISA-CCC).


General and Technical Program Co-Chairs:
    Yehia Elkhatib (Lancaster University, UK)
    Mohamed Faten Zhani (École de Technologie Supérieure, Canada)

Steering Committee:
    Gordon S. Blair (Lancaster University, UK)
    Raouf Boutaba (University of Waterloo, Canada)
    Renato Cerqueira (IBM Research, Brazil)
    Wouter Joosen (iMinds-Distrinet, KU Leuven, Belgium)

Publicity Co-chairs:
    James Hadley (Lancaster University, UK)
    Liang Wang (Cambridge University, UK)


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