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Mary Lewnes Albrecht, PhD

Associate Vice Provost for Accreditation


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Lab Notes 2015



Fall Greetings to Our Member Campuses!


Last month we updated our website to reflect what you’ve been telling us is unique about Campus Labs. We believe that when you connect more of your campus data, you know more about your students and your effectiveness as an institution. “Connect more, know more” has also become a mantra for partnering with our Member Campuses. When we connect more of our expertise, we can accomplish even more together. In fact, our shared mission is transforming your institution. The key is to break down all the silos and build a stronger foundation for unified information, valuable insights, and better decisions.

We’ve also launched a new central support site, which is your one-stop shop for all resources, webinars, and help across our platform. Let us know what you think.

In the meantime, here’s to a smooth finish to your fall semester—and to the many ways in which we can work together for your continued success.

Annemieke Rice
Vice President, Campus Success


Focus on Positive Outcomes


Sometimes the right question to ask is not only “Are students learning?” but also, “Is the course designed to maximize student success in an expected outcome?” Another question worth exploring is “Where else besides the classroom can students gain proficiency in outcomes-related skills?”

We’re pleased to unveil the new Campus Labs Outcomes toolset, our solution for connecting diverse data from every part of campus to assess learning outcomes. Our philosophy is simple: outcomes data should be visible and accessible at any given moment to those at the institution who need it—administrators, advisors, faculty, students—and in a format that’s meaningful to their specific purpose.

If you’d like to learn more about the Campus Labs approach to outcomes assessment, we encourage you to sign up for our complimentary December 11 webinar and download our paper.


What’s needed is a change in how student learning outcomes are perceived, how instructive data is used, and who is given access to it.”




Professional Development Opportunities

Don’t forget to check out our upcoming webinars, including:

November 17: Advanced Rubric Assessment

December 1: Communicating the Value of the Co-Curricular Transcript

December 8: The Elements of Institutional Program Review

December 16: Creative Quick Assessment Techniques

…and many more!



Upcoming Events & Member Meetings

December 2–4, 2015 | Washington, DC
MSCHE 2015 Annual Conference
Register now for our cocktail reception on Monday, December 3

December 5–8, 2015 | Houston, TX
SACSCOC 16th Annual Meeting
Register now for our Member Meeting on Monday, December 7. Don’t miss our session: “Unlock the Power of Your Data with Campus Labs” on Sunday at 11:40am

January 13, 2016 | Albany, NY
University at Albany’s 5th Annual Student Affairs Assessment Conference
Join us for our sessions: "Hey, How Was That Event? Assessing Your Events Using Indirect and Direct Methods" and "So You’ve Got Your Data, Now What? A Review of Data Analysis"

February 23–26, 2016 | Atlanta, GA
Achieving the Dream Annual Conference

February 25, 2016 | Chicago, IL
Campus Labs On Tour, hosted by Northwestern University
Register now for this regional member event, focused on student engagement and student affairs assessment

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