People have been working in the Planning Module of Compliance Assist this summer and a couple of issues came up. I want to share these with you and the solutions so you understand what or what not to do while working on your annual assessment reports.


1. Work is not being saved.


Every once in a while you’ll be working away and click the green Save button only to discover your hard work was not saved. Typically this is a browser-Compliance Assist version incompatibility issue. Simply change browsers. Yes, that is a hassle, but it works. Also, make sure your computer is set to get and install updates. That is important for so many other reasons. If you have questions on how to do that, contact IT at the Help Desk. If changing browsers and/or running updates doesn’t work, let me know what the issue is, let me know the operating system (PC or MAC and version), the browser and version number (typically you can locate this information within the browser. If you don’t know how, contact IT.),  and provide as much detail as to what you were doing when you had a problem. Campus Labs tech support needs this sort of information to help them solve problems and improve the system for everyone. If I can’t offer a solution, I will forward your concern to Campus Labs and copy you. They will then communicate directly with you on resolving the issue.


2. Getting a script error message


If you are getting a script error message, do a screen capture or screen clip of the error message and send it to me. Odds are there’s errant code in the text due to a “dirty” copy and paste. I need to let Campus Labs know so they can go through the back door to remove the problem before you can get back in and continue editing. Again, provide the same type of information – operating system and version, browser and version, description of the problem, screen capture, etc. – when you contact me. Again, sorry for the problem, but it can happen.


Best way to copy and paste is to paste using the third icon in the edit screen (the second icon with a clip board – see the screen clip): [log in to unmask]">. This is the “Paste Plain Text” option. If you hover over the icon, you should see the text “Paste Plain Text.” Once you’ve selected the text to copy and actually copy (CRTL C in PC based software; I don’t work in the Mac world and don’t know how it’s done on Macs), once back in Planning, simply click this icon. What happens next may vary with the browser, just follow any onscreen instructions. Typically, another screen opens where you will paste the text.


And, at any time you have questions, feel free to ask.



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