Voting begins on Monday for the SIS Alumni Society executive board annual elections.  Please visit and cast your vote for the new 2015 - 2016 SIS Alumni Society officers and members-at-large.
Cast your ballot for one (1) vice-president/ president-elect, one (1) secretary, and up to two (2) members-at-large.
Ballots will be collected until Wednesday August 12 at 5 PM EDT.

The nominees are (name, year of graduation, reason for nomination if given):

 *   Lisa Baker ('94) "I'm passionate about SIS! I served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant 1993-94 and love this school and what it does for students, UT and the world. I would love to be more involved with the mission now that I'm closer to Knoxville."


*         Leonard Kelsey ('14) "As a new librarian, Kelsey brings a great perspective and energy to her work.  I've worked with Kelsey for several years and seen her grow as a professional, obtaining the Academy of Health Information Professionals certification, publishing, and in contributing to the profession.  She would be a great addition to the board as secretary."
Members-at large

 *   April Akins  ('14) "I have served multiple committees and organizations throughout the years and feel that I a grasp of how organizations are run. I also am a recent graduate of the school and still have a connection to the school. I would love to help grow participation of alumni in the school through activities and involvement in the education of future graduates that are in the program."
 *   Linda Behrend ('89) "I have had a long involvement with the School and its alumni."
 *   Lisa Travis ('00) "Has previously served on the alumni board."
 *   Mary Beth West ('11) "I introduced Mary Beth as the winner of the 2015 School of Information Sciences Innovator Award at the 2015 graduation. I had an opportunity after to get to speak with her and to learn more about how she is putting the skills she learned at SIS to work in new contexts.  After graduating from UTK's SIS, Mary Beth West worked for the CICS where she was the User Experience Lab's manager responsible for development and training of the UX lab protocols and equipment.  Currently, she works as The Director of Quality Assurance for the Tombras Group. She leads the Digital QA department for the Tombras Group's digital website team.  I think that the Alumni as a whole would benefit from bringing more graduates like Mary Beth onto the board."

Thanks to those who nominated candidates and congratulations to the nominees!

Reminder: Amy Dye-Reeves will be the 2015-16 President, Diana Holden and Courtney Fuson will serve another year on the board as members-at-large.  Two new members at large, a secretary and vice-president/president-elect will need to be nominated and elected.

Thanks to Chris Durman (2005) and Andy Madson (2006) for serving two years as Members-at-large and to Aaron Dobbs for his three years of service on the board (VP 2012-13, Pres. 2013-14, Past Pres. 2014-15)!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

J. Michael Lindsay
SIS Alumni Society Board President, 2014-5

J. Michael Lindsay, MSIS, AHIP
Serials/E Resources Librarian, Associate Professor
Health Information Center
Preston Medical Library
UT Graduate School of Medicine, and UT Health Science Center, Knoxville
1924 Alcoa Hwy, Box U-111
Knoxville, TN 37920
P: 865-305-9528
F: 865-305-9527

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