Did you know we develop how to guides to help you work in Compliance Assist and understand assessment? Well, we do! Go to to find these guides (all in pdf format):

  *   Retiring an Outcome (NEW!)
  *   Planning Module Guide (UPDATED
  *   General Education Course Assessment Form
  *   College Review Feedback Form (NEW for colleges)
  *   Running Reports
  *   Program Assessment Plan Rubric
  *   Routing Assessment Reports in Compliance Assist
  *   Explanation of Fields for Major Learner Outcomes
  *   How to View Multiple Years of Assessment

For even more information about assessment, see the Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center website, If you want to see more guides or have questions about the ones we've posted, just drop us a line at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Mary L. Albrecht

Associate Vice Provost for Accreditation