Dear Prof. Gray and Chinchar:
 Congratulations!! I believe your book will highlight the direction for the further studies on Ranavirus in future.  Many thanks to you for emailling the E-copy of the book to all CRC members.
 Very best regards,
 Lingbing Zeng


ZENG, Lingbing (曾令兵), Ph.D; Prof.; Dir.
Division of Fish Disease,
Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute,
Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS);
Key Lab of Freshwater Fish Breeding and Healthy Aquaculture,CAFS;
No 8, 1st Wudayuan Road, East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone,
Wuhan, Hubei 430223, P R China.
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  From:  "Gray, Matt"<[log in to unmask]>;
 Date:  Tue, May 5, 2015 01:00 AM
 To:  "GRC"<[log in to unmask]>; 
 Subject:  Ranavirus Book Published

Dear GRC:
Our book on ranaviruses was published; below is a link: 
It was published as Open Access so you can download individual chapters or the entire book gratis.  Hardcopies also are available via the website for $25 USD. 
This text represents the collective effort of 26 professionals, and is the most comprehensive review over ranaviruses produced to date. 
Thank you to all of the contributing authors, peer reviewers, and to the following organizations for covering the cost of Open Access publication. 
University of Tennessee
Washington State University
Gordon State College 
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians
Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy
Publication of this book was truly a collective effort!
All the Best, 
Matt and Greg