Hey all,

I apologize.  I am the only one in my lab right now, so all my experiments are conducted and processed by me.
It is next to impossible to break away.  I wont be at ASHS either.  I am only doing OFA (CULTIVATE) this year.

I do have suggestions though.
Gene Blythe, I and Joe albano are working on a series of publications from our CRF studies.  We have tissue data analyzed and we are now putting the whole allocation puzzle together for a 1 year production cycle.
I am hoping that the series (6) of papers will have impact.  I need to talk to Gene and Joe about  journals.  We were considering HortScience or HortTech.

I don’t have Joe Albanos email.  He is too high up in admin now for us.  (woo is me)

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Hi all,

Yan Chen is on the editorial board of a new Horticulture journal … Horticulturae

Apparently they are looking for suggestions for Special Topics and she was wondering if NC1186 would like to make a proposal for a special topic.  Perhaps this opportunity is something we should discuss at the meeting in MI this summer.

Details from Yan about the journal etc. are below.

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Hi, Sarah,

Here is a new open-access journal named Horticulturae. Somehow I was put on the editorial board and has witnessed it become a reality. General issues will accept papers relevant to a broad topics within horticulture. It’s also looking for suggestions for Special Topics throughout the year. The current special topic is Organic Horticulture. I was wondering if you can forward this to the NC1186 community and see if there would be enough interests for a special topic from the group.

Here’s the journal web site . Its peer reviewed and no publication fee this year.



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Subject: Horticulturae Manuscript Review Procedure

Dear Editorial Board:
   The first manuscript submission has arrived. In order to clarify the review procedure, the Editorial Office and I have prepared the procedure described in the attached document. It can certainly be modified if you see room for improvement. Please note the time frame for each review towards the end. Also, abbreviations are: Editor-in-Chief (EiC), Associate Editor (AE), Editorial Board (EB), and Guest Editor (GE, for Special Issues).


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