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Topic: An Overview of MARAD’S StrongPorts Program


Date/Time: March 18, 2015 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET




Description: Marine ports and terminals play a key role within the U.S. freight transportation system, functioning as the primary gateway for international export and import shipments and for domestic, inland shipments of bulk materials and other containerized goods.  Demands on ports are likely going to continue to grow, particularly as U.S. trade increases and/or the cost of other, higher cost freight transportation modes go up.  Helping U.S. ports improve and modernize their facilities to meet their future needs benefits the national freight transportation system.  Because of U.S. ports’ importance to the local, regional, state, and national economies, it is critical that public sector transportation planners, particularly with state Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and municipalities where ports are located, be strongly engaged in port planning efforts.


To address the need to increase port capacity, the U.S. DOT Maritime Administration (MARAD) has created the StrongPorts Program.  This new program is focused on improving ports’ freight efficiencies, promoting critical port infrastructure projects, and more broadly enhancing U.S. global economic competitiveness.  To achieve these goals, the program concentrates on three core areas: planning and engagement, financing, and project support.  The StrongPorts Program goals are achieved in part by strengthening planning coordination efforts between ports and state DOT, MPO, and municipal transportation agencies.


This webinar will provide various, real-world perspectives of the MARAD StrongPorts Program, presenting examples of how states, MPOs, and ports are working together to establish and support an on-going, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process that fully integrates maritime port freight needs into the transportation planning process.  


Topics and Presenters:


Overview of the MARAD StrongPorts Program

This presentation will provide a synopsis of the current status and future vision for MARAD’s StrongPorts Program.


·         Roger Bohnert, U.S. DOT Maritime Administration (MARAD), Deputy Associate Administrator


MARAD StrongPorts Program – Port Benefits and Perspectives

This presentation will provide insights into how the StrongPorts Program can benefit ports, both in terms of identifying port infrastructure, funding port improvements and strengthening the relationship between ports and state, regional, and local transportation-focused agencies.


·         John Young, American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)


MARAD StrongPorts Program – State DOT Perspective

This presentation will discuss how the StrongPorts Program initiatives fit into a state’s overall freight transportation planning efforts.


·         Ben De Alba, California State Transportation Agency, Assistant Secretary for Rail and Ports


MARAD Strong Ports Program – Regional/MPO Perspective

This presentation will examine how an MPO and a port authority have been able to work together to enhance a metropolitan area’s transportation planning efforts and implement the initiatives of the StrongPorts Program.


·         Rob Case, Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization and Jeff Florin, Virginia Port Authority


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