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Topic: Analyzing Regional and Interregional Freight Movements and Infrastructure Investment Decisions


Date/Time: February 18, 2015  1:00 – 2:30 pm EST




Description: Analysis of freight transportation movements has become more prominent within most non-transit focused public sector transportation departments and agencies in recent years.  Much of this increased focus has fixated on either urban area freight movements, including freight movements on local street networks, or on long distance domestic or international freight movements entering, exiting, and/or traveling through much of the U.S.  However, comparatively speaking there has been more limited focus on intraregional freight movements and interregional freight movements between adjacent or nearby metropolitan areas.  Such movements are often harder to model than long distance freight movements, and also have attributes in-between those of short, urban freight movements that often utilize smaller trucks and long distance freight movements that rely on large tractor-trailers, trains, ships, and aircraft.  However, similar to gravity model projections that predict more interaction takes place between larger and closer locations than between smaller and more distant locations, intraregional freight movements in very large, often polycentric metropolitan areas and shorter distance interregional freight movements comprise a significant percentage of the overall freight movements on the U.S. transportation network.  For those reasons, gaining a better understanding of these types of freight movements is critical in making informed infrastructure investment decisions and improving freight transportation initiatives.


This webinar will discuss freight movement patterns within large-scale metropolitan areas and between adjacent or nearby metropolitan regions, and assess infrastructure investment needs to address freight movement needs within and between those metropolitan areas.


Topics and Presenters:


Mapping Freight: The Highly Concentrated Nature of Goods Trade in the United States

This presentation would be based on a recent report by the Brookings Institute that focuses on U.S. domestic and intermodal freight movements and corridors.


·         Adie Tomer and Joseph Kane, Brookings Institute


Portland, OR Freight Access and Logistics Analysis

This presentation would focus on the process conducted in Portland, OR to assess freight routing decisions within the metropolitan area, specifically between the west side of the city where Intel has extensive operations and the Portland International Airport.


·         Chris Maciejewski, DKS Associates


Interregional/Corridor-Based Freight Movement Analyses and Decision Considerations

This presentation would focus on the kinds of freight movement analyses needed when examining interregional or multiple metropolitan area corridor movements.


·         Bruce Lambert, Institute for Trade and Transportation Studies


If you have not yet participated in Talking Freight, I encourage you to do so. These monthly seminars, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, are held via web conference, which means that you view the PowerPoint presentations over the Internet while listening to the presenters over your computer or the telephone. There is no cost involved and you do not have to leave your desk to participate. More information about Talking Freight is available at  Links to past presentations and recordings are available on


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