Dear GRC,


I don’t know if you have received this email directly from Yvonne Black or not, if not, please take some time to complete her survey on RV diagnostic methods that you or your lab uses.  She is currently completing her MSc at the University of Edinburg and I think it would be great if we could help her out.


The link to the survey is


There is a bit more information below if you are interested in reading further, also if you have any questions please contact her at [log in to unmask]







Dear Dr. Duffus,


I am a Masters student at University of Edinburgh, carrying out a dissertation project on the global surveillance of amphibian ranaviruses.  My supervisor is Stephen Price (University College London).


I am trying to collect information about methods used to sample and test for the viruses, and about how much testing is being carried out worldwide.


If you or any of your colleagues are currently carrying out laboratory testing for amphibian ranaviruses, please would you consider either filling out an online questionnaire and/or forwarding this email to someone else who may do so?  The link is as follows:

Amphibian ranavirus laboratory questionnaire Survey

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the questionnaire, or the project.


Kind regards,


Yvonne Black



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