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[log in to unmask]" usemap="#MicrosoftOfficeMap0" alt="Presenter: Dr. Chuan Hong, Professor, Virginia Tech Summary: Water pH is a top concern for many horticultural producers. This webinar will present and analyze the water quality data collected from twelve ponds in Virginia, Maryland and Mississippi over the past 4 years and answer the following questions: Why water pH is important? How may water pH differ among water sources? How may water pH change within a runoff containment pond? What may drive water pH fluctuation? How may it be managed for better horticultural productivity and profit margin? ,Webinar Series Irrigation Pathogens & Water Quality ,Webinar Presentation Water pH Management for Improved Horticultural Productivity and Profit Margin Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Noon to 1:00 pm (Eastern) To participate in this webinar, please go to and dial 1-888-619-1583 then enter pass code: 491981 " v:shapes="_x0000_s1026 Group_x0020_7 Group_x0020_17 _x0000_s1029 Picture_x0020_22 Picture_x0020_20 _x0000_s1032 _x0000_s1033 Picture_x0020_1"> 























































Chuan Hong

Professor of Plant Pathology

Hampton Roads Agricultural Research & Extension Center

Virginia Tech

1444 Diamond Springs Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Ph: 757-363-3908

Fax: 757-363-3950