Congratulations all & looking forward to working with you to connect SIS students, alumni, professors, staff, and friends to each other and have a good time in the process.

Please remember the Homecoming Luncheon and upcoming Alumni Awards nominations in the next few months! 

Also, don't forget to update your contact info in the memberhsip directory!

A special thanks to those exiting the board members for their service: Martha Earl, Nancy Williams, Jamie Osborn and Susan Earl. 

This year’s elected SIS Alumni Society Board members are as follows:


Vice President/President Elect

Amy Dye-Reeves (’13)



Adam Kemper (’12)


Members at large

Diana Holden (’04)

Courtney Fuson (’03)


They will be joining the following people on the board on Sept. 1, 2014:


J. Michael Lindsay (’02)


Past President

Aaron Dobbs (’94)



Chris Durman (’05)

Andy Madson (’06)





Aaron W Dobbs ('94)

SIS Alumni Society Past President ('14)


CCI alumni can connect at

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