On behalf of the SIS Alumni Society, voting begins today for the annual elections.  Please visit and cast your vote for the new 2014 - 2015 SIS Alumni Society officers and members-at-large.
Cast your ballot for one (1) vice-president/ president-elect, one (1) secretary, and up to two (2) members-at-large.
Ballots will be collected until Thursday July 31 at 5 PM EDT.  Please let me know if there are any technical issues with the voting or if you need a paper ballot sent to you.

The nominees are (name, year of graduation, reason for nomination if given):

  *   Amy Dye-Reeves ('13)  "Past ALA/TLA President and TASL President at UTK. Great communication and leadership skills. I would love to work with the alumni group to help establish stronger ties between students and alumni."

  *   Adam Kemper ('12) "He is interested in serving"
  *   Nancy Williams ('09) "She is reliable, involved and dedicated to the profession at large."
Members-at large

  *   April Akins  ('14) "I have been very active during my time at the University of Tennessee and having recently graduate I fill that this would be a great place for me to continue my service to the School of Information Sciences."
  *   Laura Carscaddo ('04)
  *   Courtney Fuson ('03)
  *   Diana Holden ('04) "I am nominating myself because I would like to serve SIS in this capacity. I believe that  my experience in both academic libraries and in school libraries gives me some insight on what SIS graduates need to succeed in a crowded job market.  I value the education and experience I received as a student at SIS and want to help the school continue to excel."
  *   Adam Kemper ('12) " Self-nomination.  After graduating from SIS I moved to Martin employed as the Acquisitions Librarian at the University of Tennessee Martin library.  I would like to be considered to serve on the Board to stay connected to those who helped me so much starting out, and to contribute to others staying connected as well.  I would like to continue to grow as an information professional, and to also help by giving back to the program which is, quite literally, the reason I am doing what I do today."
Thanks to those who nominated candidates and congratulations to the nominees!

Reminder - for the 2014- 2015 year:  Michael Lindsay ('02) will be President, Aaron Dobbs ('94) will be Past-president, Chris Durman ('05) and Andy Madson ('06) will serve the second year of their two-year term.

Thanks to Jamie Osborn (2008) and Susan Earl (1985) for serving two years as Members-at-large!

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