Sorry for the inconvenience but the #2 elevator at McClung Tower is out of service again today (July 29 2014).  We had a board to short out but it should be back up and running sometime today.




From: Norris, Hazel M
Sent: Tuesday July 29 2014 7:42 AM
To: Bodenheimer, Donna Elaine ([log in to unmask]); [log in to unmask]; McClung Tower ([log in to unmask]); Keene, Michael L; Ledford, Terry E; Bailey, Derek Wesley; Hinshaw Jr, Paul; Cash, David M; Poe, Eric Justin; ddoane; Harbin Jr, Ernest T (Tom); Jennifer Richter ([log in to unmask]); Stevenson, Brooke Ashley; [log in to unmask]
Subject: ELEVATOR REPORT- McClung Tower #2 elevator


The #2 elevator at McClung Tower is back in service as of 7/28/14. 





Hazel Norris

Facilities Services/Zone Maintenance


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