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Topic: Innovative Low-Cost Freight Transportation Collaborations – Public and Private Partnership Opportunities


Date/Time: March 19, 2014 1:00 – 2:30 pm EDT




Description: In recent years, both private sector freight shippers and carriers and public sector transportation agencies have worked to identify ways to increase the efficiency of the transportation system and more specifically freight movements.  To achieve these increased efficiencies, both private and public organizations have entered into partnerships, including public-private, private-private, and public-public partnerships, that allow all participants to gain greater benefits than they would individually on their own.  Many of these partnerships were formed to address high-cost needs.  However, there are also opportunities for organizations to work together via low-cost solutions that still provide significant, mutual benefits.


This webinar will provide examples of innovative low-cost solutions that benefitted the participants.  These solutions also provided direct or indirect economic benefits to their impacted regions.  The webinar participants will discuss some of the planning that occurred to allow the innovative low-cost solutions to be put into place.


Low-Cost Public-Private Collaboration Example

This presentation will discuss an effort in southwest Minnesota (Manufacturers’ Perspectives on Minnesota’s Transportation System: A Pilot Study in Southwest/West-Central Minnesota) in which local manufacturers and farmers worked with the Minnesota DOT to ensure shipments, particularly time-sensitive shipments, could be made during and after snowstorms.  The shipments were particularly important to the economic vitality of the region.



Low-Cost Private-Private Collaboration Example

This presentation, given by a representative of Dal-Tile, a division of Mohawk Industries, will discuss collaboration between shippers in the NAFTA markets, facilitated by 3PL Transplace in which surface transportation capacity of all types(truck, intermodal, rail, and ocean) is being optimized by using a mix of extreme density types. Products that “weigh out” are being shipped in combination with products that “cube out”, providing a much better utilization of the total capacity being offered by the conveyance, typically on longer lengths of haul. In addition to the capacity utilization aspects, modal shifts have been accomplished thru the trans-enterprise recognition/availability of non-highway capacity. Dal-Tile will also touch on a Marine Highway project (MARAD M-10) that clearly illustrated the value of harmonization of transportation weights on NAFTA traffic, which originated the idea for density based collaboration.



If you have not yet participated in Talking Freight, I encourage you to do so. These monthly seminars, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, are held via web conference, which means that you view the PowerPoint presentations over the Internet while listening to the presenters over your computer or the telephone. There is no cost involved and you do not have to leave your desk to participate. More information about Talking Freight is available at  Links to past presentations and recordings are available on


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