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The Maritime Administration’s Office of Intermodal System Development is seeking a Community Planner for the StrongPorts and Marine Highways programs to lead our planning and engagement effort with MPOs, State DOTs, and port authorities.  While ports and marine transportation providers are critical to the freight movement system, ports themselves are not always engaged in the planning process, which can lead to inefficiencies in the freight system.  The Community Planner hired by the Maritime Administration will be tasked with helping ports fill that gap.  The Planner must understand the intricacies of both intermodal freight transportation system planning and infrastructure development processes, and must be able to use this understanding to assist ports in integrating their facilities into transportation improvement programs and in securing necessary funds for infrastructure development. 



Maritime Administration Postmaster


February 10, 2014





Position:                                  Community Planner, GS-0020-13


This position is located in the Office of Marine Highways and Passenger Services, Office of Intermodal System Development, Maritime Administration (MARAD).  The Office of Marine Highways and Passenger Services oversees the America’s Marine Highway Program, which is a Department led effort charged with initiating and growing Marine Highway operations within the navigable waterways of the United States.  The program provides support to the public and private sector to relieve congestion on America’s surface transportation system through more efficient use of America’s waterways, as well as expand opportunities for the U.S. flag fleet, U.S. shipyards and promote job opportunities for U.S. mariners.


Announcement Number:     MARAD.HQ-2014-0021 (Open to All U.S. Citizens) 


Announcement Number:     MARAD.HQ-2014-0024 (Open to Status and VEOA Applicants)


Salary Range:                          $89,924.00 - $116,901.00


Number of Positions:            1 


Location:                                  Washington, DC


Open:                                        February 10, 2014 


Close:                                        February 19, 2014


MARAD.HQ-2014-0021 – Open to All US Citizens:


MARAD.HQ-2014-0024 – Open Government-wide: