My apologies to Barbara Immroth that she is being chastised for a problem I
caused. Bohdan gave me the opportunity to write books for Libraries
Unlimited for many, many years. I learned late at night on Monday with an
early morning flight to a conference on the east coast (always a challenge
when you live on the west coast, that Bohdan had passed away. I called
Barbara because I was worried about an announcement and about a memorial
resolution for Dr. Wynar. I felt it was important for colleagues who had
known Bohdan to know of his passing.

ABC-CLIO really had no connection with Dr. Wynar. He sold Libraries
Unlimited to Greenwood who was bought by another company and finally sold
to ABC-CLIO. They have really no connection with Dr. Wynar at all.

I do apologize, and I will research Dr. Wynar and do a much longer
biography for him and see that a memorial resolution is written for ALA
Council. I would ask that anyone at ALISE who knew him better than I who
could help me with this to contact me as soon as possible.

Blanche Woolls, Director and Professor Emerita, SJSU, Professor Emerita,
University of Pittsburgth
long time author for Libraries Unlimited and a consulting editor for

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 5:06 PM, Gretchen Whitney <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings all,
>   Is this the best obit that this discipline can come up with for Bohdan
> Wynar?  I recall reading his stuff in the 1970s, so he must have done
> something significant or I would not have been assigned his work to read.
>   He wrote a pile of collection development texts. Check Google.
>   There are people winning ALISE research competitions named after this
> guy, but I have no idea why.  The awards don't say.  But he must have done
> something significant to have awards given away in respect for his work. I
> just don't know what it was, and there is no common thread to the awards.
>   According to he has 62 books to his credit. It appears
> that he mostly made lists of good reference books.
>   For the 1990s and before, that's not a bad record of accomplishment.
>   And he was founder of _Libraries Unlimited_. a publishing house. Not an
> insignificant accomplishment.
>   Can anyone provide a better obit for this gentleman and contributor to
> LIS?  Wikipedia provides nothing, neither does Google.
>   The family can do what they want to do.  But the discipline ought to
> record his ideas and contributions to the discipline. IMHO, and make them
> accessible through resources such as the Web or permanent discussion lists
> for others to find.
>   Is this how you would like to be remembered?  "He/she croaked tonite.
> Send flowers."
>    --gw
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> On Tue, 12 Nov 2013, Barbara Immroth wrote:
>  I was asked by ABC-CLIO to send out a message that Dr. Bohdan Wynar,
>> founder of Libraries Unlimited, died last weekend.
>> His daughter said if anyone wanted to send a card, they can go to The
>> Wynar Family care of her (Roxolana Wynar) at
>> 12242 West 16th Drive
>> Lakewood, CO  80215