Hey Canoe and Hikers!

The Fontana Lake kayaking/Canoeing trip is just a week away so here is what you need to know. 

We will be loading up kayaks and canoes Wednesday at 5pm from UTOP! you will need to be there to load your own kayak/Canoe. 

We will be leaving Thursday the 17th at 10am from lot 66 on the AG campus and returning the 19th sometime in the evening. 

We will be kayaking and canoeing all three days. There is also a sweet ghost town called proctor we can kayak too and we will be sleeping on an island with some jumping cliffs nearby, really fun stuff!

Things you need:
Camping gear- tents, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, ect.
Kayak/Canoe, PFD, and a large dry sack can be rented from UTOP
3 Lunches
2 Breakfast
2 Dinner
Signed up people
Matthew Brunton
Emily Brooks
George Wilhite
Brandon Clackum
Jack Millard
Molly Parker
Tawny Mayer
Kristen Wieber
Joey Mckee
Michael Moore
Lindsey Morrell
Greg Hopper

If your are interested go going let me know and I will add you to the list. 

Also if you are going or want to go and have a truck or something that can tow a trailer we need you! Thanks in advance. 

I plan on canoeing if anyone want to join in my canoe. I also have 1 free spot in my tent. 

Get ready for a fun fall break everyone. 

If you have any questions let me know!

Matthew Brunton.

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