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Date: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 5:39 PM


Greetings iDeans and Heads of School,

It gives me great pleasure to announce two exciting opportunities for your students at iConference 2014: the 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA EXPO and the 2014 DOCTORAL DISSERTATION AWARD. Please share the attached Calls with your faculty and students.

For this year's SOCIAL MEDIA EXPO, student teams must craft an entry around the theme of leveraging social media to foster a smarter society. A letter of interest from a sponsoring faculty member is due Nov. 1, with final submissions due Dec. 2. These dates were chosen in hopes the Expo could be combined with coursework. Microsoft Research will provide $3,000 to help each selected team attend the iConference, with the expectation that each team's school will help cover remaining costs. Please circulate the attached PDF to your faculty and students. Learn more at

For this year's DOCTORAL DISSERTATION AWARD, the committee is again seeking to identify the best dissertation from the preceding year. Each school may nominate one dissertation only. Submissions must be made by your Doctoral Program Director by Oct. 15. Please forward the attached PDF to your Doctoral Program Director (or equivalent). Learn more at

On behalf of Expo and Award organizing committees, thank you for helping raise awareness of these opportunities within your schools. These opportunities are being extended to iSchool members only--think of it as another benefit of your membership!

Thank you, everyone!

Clark Heideger
iConference Coordinator

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