Drexel Announces New College of Computing and Informatics

September 9, 2013 — Drexel University President John A. Fry announced today that the University will create a new College of Computing and Informatics. The College will combine the strengths and assets of Drexel’s many existing undergraduate, graduate and professional computing and informatics programs. It will begin enrolling new students in the Fall of 2014.

“The creation of this new college builds on Drexel’s technological strengths, and ensures the University will continue to lead in a fast-evolving suite of fields,” Fry said. “The College of Computing and Informatics will be an important locus for innovation—from big data to software development to cybersecurity and much more—that allows Drexel’s talented community of researchers and scholars to address global challenges through their research, learning and socio-technical innovations.”

The College will serve as a central hub for multi-disciplinary computing and informatics activities by uniting the faculty, staff and students from the iSchool, College of Information Science and Technology; the Department of Computer Science formerly housed within the College of Engineering; and the Department of Computing and Security Technology formerly housed in the Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

Dr. David E. Fenske, Isaac L. Auerbach Professor of Information Science and dean of the iSchool, will continue his service at Drexel as the founding dean of the new college.

“The creation of the College of Computing and Informatics not only positions Drexel as an academic leader in computing, but also enhances interdisciplinary learning for students in the vastly growing fields of computing and informatics,” Fenske said. “I am honored to be named the dean of the new College, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the new College and across the University in the development of this diverse, multidisciplinary learning community.”

The move also addresses a national demand for graduates in computing and data science. The College will enroll more than 2,200 students in its inaugural year. More than half of the students will be undergraduates, with the number of undergraduates projected to grow by 15 percent annually to help meet the persistent gap between computing degrees granted and the number of jobs in the field.

“The exponential growth of information, the ubiquitous use of computing devices and the massive amounts of data being generated in our society requires a different approach to education and research,” said Drexel Provost Dr. Mark L. Greenberg. “The College of Computing and Informatics will achieve this goal.”

In addition to its undergraduate programs, the College of Computing and Informatics will continue to offer a Master of Science degree in library and information science, as well as master’s degree programs in computing, software engineering, health care informatics and related areas. It will also provide a number of professional development opportunities in diverse areas such as archival studies, competitive intelligence and knowledge management, digital libraries, youth services, cyber law and policy, cybersecurity and homeland security management. The college will also offer a Doctor of Philosophy degree in computer science and one in information studies.

“This new college recognizes the pervasiveness of computing and its applications in society and its need for professionals and for research,” Greenberg said. “It combines an outstanding computer science program, a highly regarded iSchool –with a nationally ranked library and information program- and a computer and security technology program with strong industry ties. It is the first college in the Northeastern United States to use this approach.”


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