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      Could you please post the following to your graduate students for the
fall semester? Thanks in advance. *


Julia Marshall



*Kent** State University** is offering a graduate-level course called
Semantic Analysis Methods*
beginning on August 26, 2013 and ending on December 8, 2013.

 *Description: *

This course considers how semantic analysis methods and models can be used
to apply knowledge organization principles. People use their basic semantic
knowledge, their knowledge of concepts, of classification schemes, of
cataloging and profiling rules, and abstracting methods to organize
knowledge manually. Today, semantic technologies have matured to the point
where we can use them to model those human processes and to provide automated
support for ‘knowledge organizing processes.’ This course will introduce in
a non-technical context the basic ideas of knowledge-based and statistical
(Bayesian) approaches to natural language processing – the foundation
component for semantic analysis. Students will work together in teams to
design solutions to simple knowledge organization challenges such as
descriptive cataloging, subject analysis, abstracting, geographical coding,
and sentiment analysis. Students will be introduced to some of the
technologies on the market today. A bachelor’s degree is required for this
course and experience with knowledge organization principles is strongly

*Course Delivery*

Because this course is delivered in an online mode, students can take this
course no matter where they reside. The course is paced week-to-week to
allow students to work together with the instructors on each lesson, but
the lectures are primarily asynchronous. Any synchronous sessions are
with the members of the class and are recorded for those who cannot make
the synchronous meetings.

*Registration for Guest Students*

In order to enroll in courses for continuing study, students must apply to
the university. Our application for Guest Student status is the easiest way
to join the course. The application can be accessed here:

There is a $10 application fee, but no requirement for additional materials
with the guest application. If you are applying as a guest, please contact
Elizabeth at [log in to unmask] She can help you get enrolled in the course
once you are admitted as a guest student.

Tuition for this online course for guest students at Kent State for Fall
2013 is $2511.

For more information contact:

Elizabeth Kudravy
[log in to unmask]