In addition to the note appended, please note the AAUP report on the use 
of adjuncts in general in higher education at

Or at tiny url

I mix into these articles the assertion that undergraduates and graduate 
students are paying more and more for their education. Granted. Given.

I assert that the other half of the equation ", but students are getting 
less and less for what they pay" is being given little attention.

In other words, students are going to college and paying more and more, 
but they are being asked to do (and learn) less and less.

They are being asked to do (and learn) less and less because they are 
being taught by graduate students and adjuncts who are judged in their 
student evaluations by how well they are liked. Not challenged to broaden 
their thinking, challenged to consider new ideas, or challenged to do work 
that they did not know that they could do, but discover that they can.

Of course, if you want to be liked you are more likely to assign 2 
two-page essays and a multiple choice final exam for your course, rather 
than a big term paper and other assignments and a comprehensive written 

Just some more things to think about, and pulling diverse comments 
together talking about the same thing.

Here is a really ugly question.  I don't want or expect answers.  But it 
is something to think about.  As a faculty member, is your primary goal to 
be liked or respected?

And does your administration support you in that goal?

The above two sets of evidence suggest the first.


Gretchen Whitney, PhD, Retired
School of Information Sciences
University of Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996 USA           [log in to unmask]

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The below message was forwarded to a list I subscribe to and I though it
might be of interest to readers on this list. The original post references
this "Portion of university teaching positions that are filled by graduate
students or adjunct faculty = 3/4"     You can see the original list here:

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Subject: [adj-l] adjuncts in Harper's Index July 2013

The first six lines of Harper's Index for July 2013 issue

Number of US retail jobs Doritos Locos tacos created in the past year,
according to Taco Bell = 15,000
Number of retail jobs created worldwide by Apple in that same period = 400
Portion of US factory workers who have college degrees - 1/4
Portion of university teaching positions that are filled by graduate
students or adjunct faculty = 3/4
Percentage of college professors teaching online courses who do not
believe students should receive credit for them = 72
Number of US states whose highest-paid public employee is a sports coach
= 37

Perhaps the word is getting out?
Slavin, Decatur GA