Dear Amanda,

I once spoke to a virologist in Sweden who told me they had found ranavirus in wild amphibiand there. Not published to the best of my knowledge. I tried to follow up on it (and sent him info on the symposium) but unfortunately got no reaction. I also know that ranavirus has been found in catfish in Hungary. They are actually working on characterising the virus (I believe they have fully sequenced one isolate).


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Dear GRC,


I am trying to compile a list of countries/areas that have had wild outbreaks of vertebrate ranaviruses/iridoviruses to make a distribution map for the Global Ranavirus Reporting System.


I know that I have missed locations that have iridovirus infections in fish because I cannot get access to most of the publications for more specific information than is presented in the abstract.


I would really appreciate any feedback that you could give on the attached list. Please feel free to modify the attached document using Track Changes in MS Word or email me your comments directly at [log in to unmask].


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