*** Call for Papers, Special Issue on Network Protocols and Algorithms Surveys and Tutorials *** 

Network Protocols and Algorithms 

ISSN 1943-3581

Network Protocols and Algorithms is a free-access online international journal, peer-reviewed and published by Macrothink Institute. 
It publishes papers focused on the design, development, manage, optimize or monitoring any type of network protocol, communication 
system, algorithm for communication and any protocol and algorithm to communicate network devices.

We solicit survey papers and tutorial papers of any topic related with Network Protocols or Algorithms.

Survey papers give an overview of all the research papers done on a particular topic. They should introduce the most relevant 
achievements from various researchers in a topic. They usually do not contribute anything new but try to sum up what is known about 
a subject. Survey papers provide a compact overview about the current state of the art in a specific or new emerging area, such as 
technology, algorithms, systems, etc.

Tutorial papers may address mature or emerging topics of interest related to a particular research or technology area of the 
journal. They must provide an in-depth survey of a well-defined topic with the option of describing a particular a particular 
technology or system. Tutorial papers may provide the reader some basic technical understanding and the breadth of research in an 
existing or emerging technology. Tutorial paper gives the readers the opportunity to gain new insights, knowledge and skills on 
evolving and emerging research topics in the scope of the journal. They are intended to inspire and guide the readers to better 
understand existing areas of research or pursue emerging research topics that can lead to creative solutions.

The scope of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following topic areas:

- Synchronization Protocols and Algorithms
- Security Protocols and Algorithms
- QoS Protocols and Algorithms
- Ad-Hoc and Sensor Network Protocols and Algorithms
- Content Delivery Networks Protocols and Algorithms
- P2P Protocols and Algorithms
- Cluster-Based Protocols and Algorithms
- Real-Time Protocols and Algorithms
- Wireless Protocols and Algorithms
- MAC Protocols and Algorithms for Wired Networks
- Mobile wireless internet protocols and algorithms
- Delay Tolerant protocols and algorithms
- Mesh network protocols and algorithms
- Protocols and algorithms for Voice over IP delivery
- Cognitive Radio Network Protocols and Algorithms
- Monitoring and management protocols and algorithms
- optical networking protocols and algorithms
- Scalable Network Protocols and Algorithms
- Protocols and algorithms for Green Computing and Resource Allocation
- Routing Protocols and Algorithms
- Tree-based Protocols and Algorithms
- Distributed/Decentralized Algorithms for Networks
- Fault tolerant Protocols and Algorithms
- Protocols and algorithms for Mobile and Dynamic Networks
- Cross-Layer Collaborative Protocols and Algorithms
- Formal methods and cryptographic algorithms for communication
- Multimedia Network Protocols and Algorithms
- Network Protocols and Algorithms for Context-Aware and Semantic Networks
- Localized Network Protocols and Algorithms
- Transport Layer Protocols
- Smartgrid Protocols and Algorithms
- Network Protocols Simulation Techniques
- Protocols and Algorithms for Mobile and Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

You are welcome to submit a paper or forward this call for papers to any people working in Network Protocols and Algorithms that may 
be interested in submitting a paper.

A meaningful summary of open issues in the topic in the paper would be a plus.

Important Dates:

- Manuscript Due: May 20, 2013
- Notification: June 30, 2013
- Final Manuscripts Due: July 15, 2013
- Tentative Publication: third quarter 2013.

Submission Information:
Only original and unpublished research papers will be considered in this journal. Manuscripts must be writen in English. All 
submissions will be reviewed based on technical merit and relevance. Instructions for authors and submissions can be found in

Jaime Lloret Mauri
Editor in Chief of Network Protocols and Algorithms
Associate Professor
Department of Communications
Polytechnic University of Valencia