Professional School Counselors: 

It is time again for the Spring 2013 TSCA Newsletter. This is for and from our 
School Counselors in Tennessee. Please pass this on to all school counselors 
that you know. 

For the Spring 2013 TSCA Newsletter, we need: 

*Meetings and Conferences 
*Recognitions and achievements of TN school counselors 

*Noteworthy information from and for school counselors 

*Questions that would like a response from other professionals. 

Please submit all information to Dr. Hebert, NCC (TSCA Newsletter Chair). Deadline is March 19. 
Thank you. 

Dr. Laura Hebert, NCC 
TSCA Newsletter Chair 
School Counselor 
Seymour Primary School 
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Live, Love, Laugh & Learn :) 

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