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iConference 2013

Scholarship in Action

Data • Innovation • Wisdom
Feb. 12-15, 2013
Fort Worth, Texas


The iSchool, College of Information Science and Technology will be hosting an information table at the iConference 2013 on Thursday, February 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., located in the Grand Ballroom foyer, close to the plenary and session rooms.Stop by our table to learn more about our program offerings and innovative research, and talk to current PhD students! 

This year’s 
program includes accepted papers, notes, posters and presentations from several members of The iSchool, College of Information Science and Technology and Drexel University community:


Doctoral Colloquium:

The iSchool is proud to announce that doctoral students Warren Allen and Christopher Mascaro were accepted into the 
iConference Doctoral Colloquium—where doctoral students are given the opportunity to present their current research or dissertation to senior faculty and receive feedback. 

Papers Accepted:


·        Understanding the EMR Error Control Practices among Gynecologic Physicians

Authors: Ritu KhareYuan An, Sandra Wolf, Paul Nyirjesy, Longjian Liu, Edgar Chou (All Drexel University)


·        Disparities in Distribution of Information Resources in the City of Philadelphia: Spatial Analysis of Socio-demographic and Information Resource Variables

Authors: Emad Khazraee, Adam Townes, Anthony Grubesic (All Drexel University)

·        Collaboration in Isolation: Bridging Social and Geographical Boundaries in Two Rural Technology Firms

Author: Sean Goggins (Drexel University)


Posters Accepted:


·        “Cultural Context of Social Media Use: How Do Iranians Adapt and Use Facebook?”

Emad Khazraee (Drexel University)


·        “A Prototype System for Heterogeneous Data Management and Medical Devices Integration in Trauma Resuscitation”

Zhan Zhang, Aleksandra Sarcevic, Yuan An (All Drexel University)


·        “Looking @ Position: Examining the Location of Twitter Handles in a Political Event”

Christopher Mascaro, Nora McDonald, Alan Black, Sean Goggins (All Drexel University)


·        “A Participatory Framework for Evaluation Design”

Diana S. Kusunoki, Aleksandra Sarcevic (All Drexel University)


·        “Implementing an Open Source EMR in a Nursing Informatics Course”

Nina Multak, Emad Khazraee, Michelle Rogers, Prudence Dalrymple (All Drexel University)


·        “Gendered Artifacts and User Agency”

Andrea Marshall, Jennifer Rode (All Drexel University)


Notes Accepted:


·        MASHing Metadata: Legacy Issues in OAI Harvesting From Three Digital Libraries

Authors: Michael Khoo (Drexel University), Doug Tudhope (University of Glamorgan), Ceri Binding (University of Glamorgan), Hilary Jones (University of Manchester), Ivan Orrego (Drexel University), Jae-wook Ahn (Drexel University)


·        Visualizing Overlapping Latent Communities Using POI-Based Visualizations

Authors: Patrick M. Dudas (University of Pittsburgh), Jae-wook Ahn (Drexel University), Martijn de Jongh (University of Pittsburgh), Peter Brusilovsky (University of Pittsburgh)


·        Information Recording in Archaeological Practice: A Socio-Technical Perspective

Author: Emad Khazraee (Drexel University)


·        Exploring Hybrid-Economic Communities and the Technology-Mediated Identities Performed There

Author: Warren Allen (Drexel University)


·        Disparities in Distribution of Information Resources in the City of Philadelphia: Spatial Analysis of Socio-demographic and Information Resource Variables

Authors: Emad Khazraee, Adam Townes, Anthony Grubesic (All Drexel University)




·        “Whither the child? The iSchool Approach to Research Relating to Children and Adolescents”

By Leanne Bowler, Kate MacDowell, Denise Agosto (Drexel University)


·        “Calling All Computer Scientists and Social Scientists: Establishing a Research Agenda for Computational Social Science”

By Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Sean P. Goggins (Drexel University), James Howison, Matthew Lease, Douglas W. Oard


About iConference 2013

The iConference is an annual gathering of a broad spectrum of scholars and researchers from around the world who share a common concern about critical information issues in contemporary society. The iConference pushes the boundaries of information studies, explores core concepts and ideas, and creates new technological and conceptual configurations—all situated in interdisciplinary discourses.


The program for iConference 2013 is available online at: