UW Information School faculty and students contribute to iConference 2013


The eighth annual iConference – Scholarship in Action: Data, Innovation, Wisdom – will be hosted by the University of North Texas on February 12-15, 2013. The iConference series is presented by the iSchools organization, and is open to any and all information scholars, researchers and professionals who wish to attend. Microsoft Research is the presenting sponsor. UW iSchool faculty and students taking part in this event include the following:



Digital Youth Workshop: Calling all Designers, Researchers and Policy Makers
Session Chair: Karen Elizabeth Fisher, University of Washington
Session Chair: Eliza T Dresang, University of Washington
Session Chair: Katie Davis, University of Washington
Session Chair: Sarita Yardi, University of Michigan
Session Chair: Allison Druin, University of Maryland



VizDeck: Streamlining exploratory visual analytics of scientific data
Perry, Daniel B.; Howe, Bill; Key, Alicia M. F.; Aragon, Cecilia (iSchools, 2013-02)


Jobs and family relations: Use of computers and mobile phones among Hispanic day laborers in Seattle
Baron, Luis Fernando; Neils, Moriah; Gomez, Ricardo (iSchools, 2013-02)


A Retreat from the Panoptic: One Public Library's Experience with Video Surveillance
Newell, Bryce C.; Randall, David (iSchools, 2013-02)



Fearless Cards: computer training for extremely marginalized populations
Ricardo Gomez, Ivette Bayo, Philip Reed, Cherry Wang


The “Forever Problem”: Nuclear Waste as Information
Chris Heaney


Project VIEWS2-- Phase 1: Innovation in Early Literacy
Janet L Capps, Ivette Bayo, Katie Campana, Erika N. Feldman, Eliza Dresang, Kathleen Burnett


Authenticity as a Social Contract–We Are Our Records
Corinne Rogers, Joe Tennis


Using Design Thinking to Empower Ethnic Minority Immigrant Youth in their Roles as Information and Technology Mediaries
Karen E. Fisher, Phil Fawcett


SoMe Tools for Social Media Research
Shawn Walker, Jeff Hemsley, Josef Eckert, Robert Mason, Karine Nahon


Trust and Community: Continued Engagement in Second Life
Peyina Lin, Natascha Karlova, John Marino, Michael B. Eisenberg



Cirn: Using Digital Markers to Bridge Learning Communities
Amanda Menking, Ivette Bayo, Sean Fullerton


Notes Session: Articles, Books, and E-books, chaired by Robert M. Mason


Research Notes:

“Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast”: Outsider Na´vetÚ as an Asset in the Initiation of Massive-scale Book Provision Efforts
Elisabeth A. Jones


Context and Collection: A Research Agenda for Small Data
Amelia Abreu, Amelia Acker



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