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Subject: [ALISEadjunct] Part time & adjunct faculty SIG meeting at ALISE

Hello to all group members,

my name is Catherine Closet-Crane; it was unanimously decided during our
SIG meeting at the ALISE conference in Seattle that I will be convening
our SIG for the year 2013 with the support of co-convener Alexa Pearce.
I am an adjunct teaching for Kent State SLIS and Alexa is a librarian at
NYU and an adjunct at Pratt.

The SIG meeting on the last morning of the ALISE conference in Seattle
was attended by four (4) persons. We talked about having a presence at
the next ALISE conference in January 2014. We wish to organize a
session/ panel to be held on the last day of the conference to allow
those of us who define themselves as librarians teaching
part-time/adjuncting and who will be attending the ALA conference to
join those of us who define themselves primarily as adjunct faculty.

As you may know the theme of ALISE 2014 is Educational Entrepreneurship
and the topic we propose for the panel and discussion would tentatively
address the Roles and Responsibilities, Place, Employment Opportunities,
and Job (in)Security of Part-Time and Adjunct Educators in the
Educational Enterprise.

We would like to gauge the interest of group and SIG members in holding
such a panel and get your feedback. You can respond on this message
board or privately to me at
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