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*Advances in Librarianship, Volume 38 seeks chapter proposals on Management
and Leadership Innovations*

Given the social, financial, technological and other global shifts of the
past decade, management in the non-profit world must evolve
accordingly.  Therefore
chapter proposals are sought for a book about innovations in management
structures, strategies, and practices based upon research, case studies,
and/or conceptual papers.

Topics of interest for the proposed chapters include, but are not limited
to, the following:

·        Staff issues: strategic human resources management for future
roles; evidence based staff development; research on effective teams;
building and sustaining learning cultures; fixing toxic structures and
operations; 360 degree performance evaluations; educational environments,
programs, and experiences that produce creative and strong leaders and
managers; changing leadership needs

·        Organization issues: flexible and nimble organizational models;
alignment of structures with strategies rather than buildings; use of
social networks (blogs, wikis, Facebook etc.) as management and
communication tools; creation and use of data repositories and shared
e-spaces in work environments; methods to share and use tacit knowledge

·        Funding issues: funding sources apart from parent or governing
organizations; different or alternative budget and funding models being

·        Customer issues: social network marketing practices: successes and
failures; producing services that customers truly want and need in times of
rapid change

·        Other issues such as: Conceptual papers on future generations of
management practices; new ways of measuring the value of what works in the
real world; intergenerational interaction and communication

Proposals and questions should be sent to the Editors, Drs. Anne Woodsworth
([log in to unmask]) and W. David Penniman ([log in to unmask]) .


·        Chapter proposals are due to the editors on March 1, 2013

·        First drafts of chapters due to editors – August 1, 2013

·        Final drafts of chapters due– November 1, 2013

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